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Transforming Brunswick Place

Updated: May 10

Placemaking in Newcastle: Fenwick & Brunswick Street

We are excited to unveil our latest placemaking endeavour as part of our engagement with Fenwick. In this new video from Renderloft, we present our blueprint for reimagining a disused alley adjacent to the retail flagship as a dynamic, pedestrian-centric area, destined to inject new vitality into Newcastle's core. This collaborative initiative with Newcastle City Council and Ryder Architecture aims to transform Brunswick Place into a bustling hub, featuring outdoor dining areas and providing direct access to Fenwick’s ground floor - a move that marks a significant step in ongoing efforts to revitalise the heart of Newcastle.


In our endeavour to reimagine urban spaces, we hold a deep-seated belief that architecture should serve as a catalyst for community building and sustainability. Our vision for Brunswick Place exemplifies this belief, transforming a previously underutilised area into a vibrant communal hub. This project not only highlights our architectural prowess but also our ethos of creating sustainable, community-centric spaces that evolve with the needs of the people they serve.

At Mailen Design, we believe that architectural practices can--and should--play a pivotal role in fostering community cohesion and advocating for sustainable urban development. Our project at Brunswick Place is a testament to this philosophy, revitalising an overlooked space into a lively community focal point. This transformation not only showcases our architectural innovation but also reflects our commitment to creating spaces that are sustainable, centred around community needs, and adaptable to the evolving dynamics of urban life.


At Mailen Design, our approach to placemaking is fundamentally anchored in the principle of collaboration. We firmly believe that the most impactful and enduring urban spaces are born from the confluence of diverse perspectives and expertise. This conviction drives us to actively seek partnerships with local councils, community members, adjacent landowners, and fellow innovators in architecture and urban planning.

Collaboration for us goes beyond mere consultation; it’s about weaving a rich tapestry of ideas, visions, and aspirations into the very fabric of our projects. It's this collaborative ethos that empowers us to reimagine and revitalise spaces with an acute sensitivity to the needs and dreams of the communities they serve. Our work at Brunswick Place, though an achievement in its own right, is first and foremost a manifestation of this collaborative journey.

We champion collaboration because it enhances our understanding of the environment and the people who inhabit it, enabling us to design spaces that are not just functional but also enriching. By embracing the insights and experiences of our partners and the community at large, we ensure our projects are resilient, adaptable, and above all, inclusive. This approach doesn’t just shape the physical landscape; it fosters a sense of ownership and belonging among those who interact with it, seeding the foundations for vibrant, sustainable communities.


The transformation of Brunswick Place stands as a testament to Mailen Design's ethos of innovation, quality, and deep-seated commitment to collaborative placemaking. Our proficiency in navigating the complexities of urban development shines through in the careful orchestration of this project, which aims not just to enhance the physical environment but to knit together the fabric of the community it serves.

At the heart of this endeavour is our vision for future urban living — one that champions spaces designed for people, fostering connection, inclusivity, and well-being. Brunswick Place’s transition into a pedestrian-friendly zone embodies our belief in the power of architecture to catalyse community spirit and sustainable urban growth.

We invite you to immerse yourself in our video, showcasing the envisioned metamorphosis of Brunswick Place. Through initiatives like this, Mailen Design is pioneering new benchmarks in urban regeneration, proving time and again the transformative impact of considerate and visionary architectural practice.

For more information on our work on Brunswick Place and other projects, contact us today.


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