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Mailen Design is an award-winning team of architects and designers working across studios in Oxfordshire and London. We are a people-first business, and believe that every good project starts with a mutual desire to collaborate. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is met with a fabric-first approach to sustainability, resulting in enduring partnerships in both private and public sectors.


The practice holds enduring client relationships and partnerships in both the private and public sectors. With a diverse portfolio featuring commercial, multi-residential, hospitality, cultural, and private residential projects, we are well versed in every stage of the process, from design and planning to construction and delivery.


We believe in architecture’s ability to enhance our collective quality of life. Our dedication to creating spaces goes beyond aesthetics, we aim to create environmentally responsible buildings which foster community, connection, and well-being.

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Our approach marries meticulous craftsmanship with forward-thinking design. Our process is marked by a highly iterative, collaborative ethos that embraces the dynamic interplay between clients, architects, and stakeholders. This approach is deeply ingrained in our practice, using advanced technology, detailed models, and rigorous testing to refine and perfect our designs. By embracing innovation at every step of the process, we ensure that our architectural solutions are responsive to each unique brief and are built with longevity, preparing them for future challenges and opportunities.

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Our projects reveal a high level of quality and craftsmanship. We design and create well-built schemes with a fabric-first approach. The team finds the thread between a creative, analytical and rigorous approach to inform a carefully curated use of materials and finishes.



Our work is deeply informed by the unique character and history of each site we engage with. This sensitivity to context ensures our projects not only imbed into their surroundings but also become integral elements of the broader architectural fabric. By acutely understanding the physical, cultural, and social aspects of each location, we craft designs that reflect the site’s heritage while addressing contemporary needs. This approach results in buildings and spaces that are not placed but truly belong, enriching communities and landscapes.


Sustainability should be built-in with a fabric-first approach, not considered as a bolt on. Designing a sustainable building is not only achieved through the simple and obvious measures such as orientation, energy source, daylight & overshadowing, insulation etc. We look closely and work hard on every element of detail design within a building, and this doesn’t need to detrimentally affect the architectural design if carefully considered. By integrating sustainable design from the outset, we ensure our projects are resilient, adaptable, and capable of meeting the challenges of a changing world.

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Innovative technology is a cornerstone of our practice, enabling us to push the boundaries of design and construction. By harnessing the capabilities of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modelling (BIM), we can explore complex geometries, optimise material usage, and improve project coordination. These tools are instrumental in realising our fabric-first approach to sustainability, allowing for more precise energy modelling and material specification. The integration of technology into our workflow not only streamlines the design and construction process but also opens up new avenues for creativity and innovation within our practice.



Retail Week Awards - Best Non-Food Retail Design of the Year 2012 Domus Clerkenwell

FX Design Awards - Best New Retail 2012 - Shortlisted - Domus Clerkenwell 

Design Week - Best Retail Interior 2014 - Domus West Showroom and Workplace 

AJ/Derwent/Office Concierge - Future Reception Competition - Shortlisted

GLA New London Landscape 2012 - Old Street Green - Shortlisted

Casual Dining Awards - Best Designed Multiple Restaurant 2014 - Chilango Leather Lane 

Build-It Awards - Best Oak Frame House 2016 - Shortlisted

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2018 - Best London Restaurant - HAZ

BD UK Young Architect of the Year 2019 - Shortlisted

RIBA North East Awards 2019 - Shortlisted 

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