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All our team is creative while maintaining practical awareness; independent while being collaboratively strong. The core senior team previously worked for industry-leading international design practices and now capitalise on that experience to bring the best to all our work, whilst being grounded with the reality of construction and budget. 


We constantly test and re-test our ideas through an iterative design process. To achieve the high quality that we aspire to we invest intense care in our response to every place and brief. Our work is not complete until the building is occupied, and we continue to visit our projects long after they are built.


We have an obsession for materials and craftmanship. We enjoy bringing inspiration and innovation to spaces, buildings and communities.

We are set apart by the quality of attention we bring to the entire architectural process, while maintaining consistent creativity and diligence. We use traditional methods and the best in modern process to explore and realise our proposals.

We care deeply about buildings of outstanding quality, whether we are working with a historic structure or proposing a new construction. We focus on craft in all of our work, offering a broad range of experience from a variety of sectors and building types.



MailenDesign’s work within the heritage sector includes the full refurbishment of 1,600m2 of Selfridges’ Grade I listed store on Oxford Street, the refurbishment and extension of a Grade II 17th Century Norfolk Manor House and Grade II 16th Century house in Oxfordshire and works to listed buildings and in Conservation Areas across the country, including Cambridge, Richmond, Highgate and Edinburgh. We always look to balance a scholarly and respectful approach to conservation with open-minded and sensitive design for elements of new construction.

Contemporary Construction

We are passionate about implementing modern methods of construction in our projects and are constantly evolving our research in off-site manufacturing. Working closely with builders and manufacturers we have been lucky to see the implementation of a number of pre-fabricated building technologies on a wide variety of buildings.

From a SIP panel and timber frame residential dwelling in Oxfordshire, to pre-fabricated formwork and ETFE panels at an eco-facility in Sussex along with numerous showrooms implementing the very latest in material cutting and assembly techniques, this way of working has delivered quality results in the finished product.

Our work developing our knowledge of new building techniques as they emerge allow us to design and plan for the construction of buildings with an increased control over quality, reduction in disruption on site and deliver a more sustainable construction process.



Retail Week Awards - Best Non-Food Retail Design of the Year 2012 Domus Clerkenwell

FX Design Awards - Best New Retail 2012 - Shortlisted - Domus Clerkenwell 

Design Week - Best Retail Interior 2014 - Domus West Showroom and Workplace 

AJ/Derwent/Office Concierge - Future Reception Competition - Shortlisted

GLA New London Landscape 2012 - Old Street Green - Shortlisted

Casual Dining Awards - Best Designed Multiple Restaurant 2014 - Chilango Leather Lane 

Build-It Awards - Best Oak Frame House 2016 - Shortlisted

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2018 - Best London restaurant - HAZ

UK Young Architect of the Year 2019 - Shortlisted

RIBA North East Awards 2019 - Shortlisted 

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