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Empowering Tomorrow's Architects with RIBA Student Mentoring

Updated: May 10

Modern Updates to Grade II Listed Pomander House

Mailen Design’s engagement with the RIBA Student Mentoring Scheme represents more than just an exchange of knowledge; it's a celebration of new perspectives and shared aspirations in the field of architecture. As part of our ongoing commitment to nurturing talent, we’ve had the privilege of opening our studio doors to architecture students, offering them a firsthand look at the intricacies and challenges of working within a professional design practice. 


This year, we welcomed a new cohort of mentees for one-on-one sessions with our team members Alex Clough, Garazi Murua, and Haizea Latxaga. In addition to advice on professional development and insight into the realities of working in an architectural practice, we were keen to offer tailored guidance to each individual student to ensure they reaped the maximum benefit from participating in the scheme. 


One of our mentees, a second-year architecture student from the University of Greenwich named Yasemin, shared her experience on LinkedIn: "It was beneficial to receive feedback on the work I have been completing as part of my second-year project and gain some real world perspectives,” she wrote. “This has given me confidence in my designs as I approach the submission deadline in a couple weeks’ time. I am looking forward to the prospect of working further with the mentoring team at Mailen Design." 


Through these sessions, we aim to provide students with a realistic view of the architectural profession, complementing their academic studies with practical advice and professional critiques. The discussions often revolve around the importance of sustainable design, the need for effective communication with clients and contractors, and the cultivation of a personal design philosophy. 


Our mentoring efforts extend beyond technical advice, fostering a supportive network that encourages students like Yasemin to explore their creative potential and professional aspirations. The reciprocal nature of these mentorships also invigorates our team, encouraging us to reflect on our own practices and stay connected with the evolving landscape of architectural education. 


At Mailen Design, we believe that our role as mentors is integral to our professional practice, ensuring that the future of architecture not only adapts to new challenges but is also led by well-prepared, innovative, and thoughtful architects. Our doors remain open to the flow of ideas and the fresh energy brought by the next generation, reinforcing our commitment to a collaborative and dynamic approach to architecture. 



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