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Key Takeaways from MIPIM 2024

Updated: May 10

Key Takeaways from MIPIM 2024

Our first year attending MIPIM felt like a whirlwind. We packed a lot into two dynamic days as we immersed ourselves in meetings and discussions of the industry’s latest trends and innovations. While the event was teeming with insights and opportunities, we've distilled our experience down to a few key lessons that will help shape our approach moving forward.


MIPIM reminded us that there's no substitute for face-to-face interactions. While we’re grateful for the convenience and enhanced accessibility offered by technology in our digital age, the value of in-person meetings remains unparalleled. The connections we made and the conversations we had, whether during formal meetings or impromptu chats over coffee, reinforced the importance of building and nurturing relationships within our industry. It's these connections that often lead to the most fruitful collaborations and opportunities.


Sustainability was a prevailing theme throughout MIPIM 2024, echoing our commitment to creating spaces that not only serve the present but help ensure a brighter future. The discussions we engaged in, particularly around user-centred design, reinforced our belief in developing projects that prioritise the needs and well-being of the people who use them. This user-focused approach is not just a trend; it's a necessity as we look towards creating adaptable, resilient, and sustainable environments.


One of our highlights was the opportunity to share and reflect on our work in Newcastle, particularly our involvement in reimagining Brunswick Place as part of our engagement with Fenwick. These projects exemplify the impact of thoughtful placemaking and the potential of architectural design to catalyse regeneration in city centres. This conversation wasn't just about showcasing our work; it was a learning experience that provided us with valuable feedback and ideas from peers and leaders from various sectors. It underscored the importance of our work in urban renewal and the positive ripple effects it can create within communities.


Innovation was a buzzword at MIPIM, as expected. However, the discussions we found most engaging were those that grounded innovative ideas in practical application. It's easy to get caught up in what's new and cutting-edge, but the real challenge lies in integrating these innovations in a way that's practical, accessible, and beneficial to the end user. Our takeaway? Always align innovation with the real-world needs of our projects and their communities.


As we reflect on our time at MIPIM 2024, we're grateful for the myriad of lessons learned and connections made. These two days have not only provided us with a wealth of knowledge and ideas but also reaffirmed our dedication to creating meaningful, sustainable, and innovative designs.

In the coming months, we look forward to diving deeper into the themes explored at MIPIM, applying our learnings to our projects, and continuing to build on the valuable relationships we've established. The journey ahead is exciting, and we're ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that come our way, armed with fresh insights and inspired vision.

Stay tuned for updates on our projects and explorations in design and sustainability. Here's to shaping the future of architecture, one space at a time.


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