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Terrace Row 2020

Redefining the Urban Terrace

This research project seeks to propose new-build family homes that are adaptable, modern, cost effective and an embodiment of traditional low rise urban living to maximise the potential of brown field sites.

Our aim is to redefine the terrace row and to reconsider the traditional urban terrace in a modern context. We aim to emphasise the benefits of the terrace development whilst improve upon the pitfalls, to create an easily constructed, adaptable and cost effective solution which doesn’t compromise on design, space and quality and delivers a home for all.

Our design uses a central ventilating chimney core and asymmetric plan configuration to create a flexible and adaptable home. A central stair raises 3 storeys creating relationships between living spaces to a private roof terrace. It is compliant with the London Design Guide and is adaptable to all generations, without compromising on the quality of the space. A corner entrance allows a range of configurations on the site whilst leaving the plan unchanged, both maximising the sites potential and minimising cost.

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