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Shortlisted for Retail and Leisure Architect of the Year

Mailen Design Nominated for Retail and Leisure Architect of the Year

We are delighted to announce that Mailen Design has been nominated for the prestigious Retail and Leisure Architect of the Year award by Building Design in recognition of our dedication to creating exceptional and user-centred spaces.


Being shortlisted for the Retail and Leisure Architect of the Year award is a significant achievement for Mailen Design. It reflects our commitment to excellence in architectural design and validates the hard work and dedication of our team. It is an honour to be recognised as a leader in our field, and be given the opportunity to showcase our ability to deliver innovative and high-quality commercial projects.


The projects we chose to highlight in our submission—Domus Campus, Hotto Potto, and Dan Dan Restaurant—demonstrate the values that are central to our practice: creativity, collaboration, and a forward-thinking approach. Each project is a unique response to its context, using tailored solutions to exceed client expectations and deliver an environment that delights its occupants and encourages community.


We believe that architecture has the power to transform spaces and enrich lives. This nomination has inspired us to continue pushing the boundaries of design, creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful. We extend our gratitude to Building Design for this honour and to our clients and partners for their continued trust and support.



Domus Campus exemplifies Mailen Design’s innovative approach to retail and leisure architecture. This architectural endeavour in Clerkenwell, London, saw us skilfully transform a 2,374 sq ft commercial space through the principles of sustainable architecture and adaptive reuse, establishing a new benchmark for retail and leisure environments. The project features vibrant courtyards, versatile social areas, and adaptable coworking spaces in addition to product showcase and education areas, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and multifunctional design.


Read more about Domus Campus here.



Hotto Potto embodies Mailen Design’s commitment to innovative design and social connectivity in hospitality architecture. The brief for Hotto Potto was to create a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Chinese hot pot experience, fostering social interaction in a post-lockdown era. We were tasked with developing a versatile layout offering both private and communal spaces, seamlessly transitioning to a futuristic karaoke bar below. This vibrant interior transformed an empty corner unit into a welcoming community hub for East London.


Read more about Hotto Potto here.




Dan Dan Restaurant exemplifies Mailen Design’s dedication to functional and visually impactful hospitality architecture. We utilised natural materials and bold signage to create a vibrant space that maximises efficiency, accommodating 54 covers in both casual and main seating areas. The restaurant features a well-equipped bar and kitchen, designed for both prep and cooking areas to handle diverse menu offerings. Dan Dan Restaurant not only fosters social connectivity within East London but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability through the use of durable materials and energy-efficient design.


Read more about Dan Dan Restaurant here.


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