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New Multi-Residential Project in Central London

Mailen Design's plans for Fulwell Farmhouse

Mailen Design has taken a significant step forward in the Build-to-Rent and Multi-Residential sectors. Building works have commenced on our newest venture retrofitting and renovating over 500 apartments and communal areas at a historic residential apartment block in Central London. This significant undertaking underscores our capability and expertise in managing large-scale residential buildings, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient, and community-focused designs. 


We succeeded in winning this project after a competitive bidding process. Despite the challenge of working within the existing structural constraints, our design strategy aims to significantly enhance the living experience of residents. By focusing on community and wellness, we have reimagined the internal layouts to improve natural light and flow, whilst incorporating thoughtful interventions that foster interaction and wellbeing. 


Central to our approach is the use of Revit and BIM technology. These advanced tools have enabled us to standardise the design elements across all apartments, making the entire process more cohesive and efficient. By stacking kitchens and bathrooms vertically across floors, we have streamlined the plumbing and drainage systems, reducing complexity and improving build quality. This level of standardisation will not only simplify construction but also ensure a consistent and high-quality finish throughout the building. 



The interiors are designed with a refined and muted palette, allowing residents to personalise their homes. Natural hues and textures create a calming and welcoming atmosphere. Key design elements include built-in furniture to maximise space efficiency, and varying ceiling heights to enhance the sense of volume and light. High-quality materials such as Domus’ La Pietra Compattata tiles, made from raw and recycled materials, underscore our commitment to both sustainability and aesthetic excellence. 


Each house’s entrance lobby will serve as an extension of the natural environment outside. Warm-toned concrete, lush planters, and light terrazzo with bronze detailing work harmoniously to create a sophisticated yet inviting space. These design choices not only pay homage to the building's original features but also provide a modern, cohesive aesthetic that will enhance the overall living experience for residents. 



Sustainability is a key focus in our approach to this historic building, and we are excited for the opportunity to seamlessly integrate sustainable design elements that will have a meaningful impact and demonstrate the importance of a fabric-first approach to sustainability in multi-residential projects. These thoughtful measures will ensure long-term environmental performance and significantly reduce carbon emissions. 


A major element of our sustainable strategy is the replacement of traditional gas systems with air source heat pumps. We will also install mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) systems to enhance energy efficiency across the apartments. Upgrading all single-glazed windows and improving the building envelope will be crucial steps in enhancing thermal performance and reducing energy consumption. 


The communal areas have been designed to complement these sustainable measures, fostering a sense of community and wellbeing. Inviting entrance lobbies will feature warm-toned concrete, light coloured terrazzo tiles, abundant greenery, and in-built bench seating. In the corridors, residents’ front doors will be adorned with hooks to feature personalised messages to further encourage a communal atmosphere and enhance social sustainability. 


Through these efforts, we will not only modernise the building but also ensure it meets contemporary sustainability standards. Our design choices reflect a commitment to preserving the building's architectural legacy whilst enhancing its environmental performance, contributing to a healthier living environment for all residents. 




This project is a testament to the power of collaboration. Working closely with contractors, project managers, and engineers, we have navigated the complexities of the existing structure to deliver a design that meets modern living standards whilst respecting the building's heritage. The positive and cooperative relationships we have built with all stakeholders will be crucial to the project's success as construction moves towards completion. 


As we look ahead, this project stands as a significant milestone in our journey within the multi-residential sector. It demonstrates our ability to handle large-scale projects efficiently and innovatively, setting a benchmark for future developments. As Mailen Design continues to push the boundaries of architectural innovation, we ensure that each project we undertake is a step towards enhancing the quality of life for residents. 

All visuals by Studio Birch.


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