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NASB Retirement Community

Masterplan for 30 Homes plus Community Centre for Elderly Living

In response to an NaCSBA Ideas Competition, we have designed a fully furnished 40sqm home for under £40k. The basic layout option can be personalised by repositioning the 4 key zones of the house. 


The kitchen and bathroom are delivered as pods and can be positioned in any orientation. Lifetime Homes standards are attained with all layout options. The homes would be individually procured by the homeowner choosing from a catalogue of layout options. The home would then be factory fabricated off-site, with finishing work applied on site that can be adapted to the specific of the site and owner.

The clusters of dwellings are arranged around a central communal green and clustered around courtyards, semi-private green spaces, allotments and wildflower gardens. A shared community building for use by guests of the elderly residents includes guest rooms, showers, a community shop, mobility scooter store, craft rooms and multi-use lounge, dining, kitchen and utility spaces.

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