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Growlab Organics

Medicinal Cannabis factory and processing facility

The GLO facility on the Isle of Man is the first building of its kind anywhere in the UK. Following the relaxation of laws surrounding medicinal cannabis Growlab Organics were granted one of the first licences to grow, process and export cannabis based medicine.


Following a series of feasibility studies on a number of sites across the UK a decision was taken to base the first major facility on the Isle of Man as part of a new ‘Airport Technology Gateway’. The flagship building will be the first major development within the ATG masterplan and seeks to set the standard for Architectural quality within a sector which is historically functional and utilitarian.


Whilst the building facility has a complex series of highly specialist functional requirements to enable the efficient and controlled horticulture of cannabis plants it also acts as a positive public image for the nature of business activities. Funded partly through private investment and partly through community involvement by patients who benefit from cannabis based therapies, the front of house aspect of the building is open and inviting.


Translucent polycarbonate cladding to the entrance, office and social wing allows the building to softly illuminate, glowing at night and suggest movement and activity on the interior, whilst maintaining privacy where required.


Construction is planned for the latter part of 2023.

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