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Vibrant Mexican licensed fast-casual chain restaurant across numerous sites within the UK.

In collaboration with I-AM Associates

Since a first new restaurant development in Chancery Lane in 2011, Mailen Design provided Architecture, Interior Design, Cost Control and Project Management services across all the chain’s major developments.

All the Chilango projects are unique and designed to make the most of their specific sites. There is however a consistent identity throughout the restaurants that aims to evoke the energy and life of Mexican street food. The interior treatment creates a colourful, vibrant diner experience whilst being well finished and sophisticated.

They share a palette of materials including burnt timber overlaid with graffiti, sawn oak panelling and exposed masonry complemented by raw industrial steel and mesh to create a harmonious mix of rough and smooth. Innovations in the kitchen and servery area allow the Chilango team to continue increasing their efficiency on each site.

The projects combine a well developed sophisticated catering operation with low key, cost effective materials in the front of house space. Mailen Design helped the client bring together a specification library of all built elements including all material specifications, costs, general layout principles, signage and bespoke furniture to be used across new site acquisitions across the UK.

Photography by Kristen McCluskie

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