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Garazi Murua



Since joining Mailen Design Garazi has worked on a variety of projects at different scales and stages. She is passionate about innovative design but does not forget about the practicality and human scale. Garazi believes that Architecture can directly influence peoples' lives leading to her interest in working at different scales, from masterplans to the design of furniture. She really enjoys working closely with clients and is constantly striving to understand how to better express her ideas. 

Always with an eye for detail, she has developed her design and construction skills to deliver projects where people are an important part of the space. Being part of projects at different stages has helped her understand the responsibility Architects have to our society. The excitement of being on-site delivering what has been created on paper is what she finds most rewarding.

In her spare time, Garazi likes to stay active by cycling, boxing, and exploring London. She also introduced morning plank to the office helping push forward a wellbeing agenda.

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